About Us

Avinash Kumbhaj & Associates is full services laws firm with special expertise in corporate, commercial, finance, labor service along with the constitution, criminal and our firm provide the service in all the aspects of litigation and non-litigation matters mainly into contracts condition, commercial transaction arbitration, property law, constitution law, corporate law contracts also regularly represent clients in various matters in the high court and district court as well as consumer court.

Our firm has experience and expertise in providing its clients high-quality legal services. Every detail stage means each and every step of the work related to the case is well defined and known to the client. Our firm provides all debt facility service under one roof.

Our firm is a complete team of expert lawyers, retired judges, forensic experts, retired police officers, and detectives. Also having some very renowned people as our patrons. Our firm offers clients a constructive approach to fulfill their targets and strategic business objectives. We work closely and clearly with every client to understand practical aspects of the client's business. In this way, our firm is able to analyze client problems commercially and provide practical advice and service.