Banking & Finance



Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance is highly innovative, they are always on their feet by introducing fresh products to the market. A banking lawyer is supposed to vet and tweak these innovative products before they are introduced to the market. New and fresh innovations always bring new sets of legal, regulatory and tax complaisance and challenges which have to be solved by the way of litigation and creation of major landmark precedence. Lawyers almost always have a role to play in each and every step of the financial banking market.

Any major lending transactions require a team of lawyers, be it on the lender side or the borrower side. Which creates a huge space for practice for transitional lawyers, also called as corporate lawyer’s in common day to day parlance.

List of Act involved

  1. Reserve Bank of India Act,1934
  2. Banking Regulation Act,1948
  3. Limitation Act,1963
  4. Recovery of Debt due to Bank and Financial Institution Act1993(DRT Act)
  5. Lok Adalat under Legal Service Authority Act
  6. SARFAESI Act, 2002